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Family Crest Moreland's of the World Family Crest
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Family Crest

The Moreland Coat of Arms hereby illustrated is officially documented in Burke's General Armory. The original description of the arms (shield) is as follows:

SA. A lion pass. Guard. In chief or in base a leopard face jessant-de-lis of the last.

When translated the blazon also describeds the original colours of the Moreland arms as:

Black; a gold lion walking, facing the observer, placed in the upper third, and in base, a gold leopard face with a gold fleur-de-lis passing through it

Above the shield and helmet is the crest which is described as:

A natually coloured ship in full sail.

The ancient family motto for this distinguished name is:

Sils Tet Mordent, Mordles.

This translates as the following:

If they bite you, bite them

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